Galactica Quorum #76 – “BSG Prop Auction Interview #2”

We talk again with Alec Peters from Propworx, who gives us a preview of what’s happening at the second BSG prop auction, occurring May 8-10.

If you are in Southern California, check it out! And if not, be sure to visit for details. Don’t miss out on your chance to score some BSG memorabilia!

Here is who will be at the Preview Day (May 7), participating in a live panel discussions:

    Grace Park (“Sharon Valerii”), Michael Trucco (“Samuel T. Anders”) & Kate Vernon (“Ellen Tigh”)

    Behind-the-scenes creative team members-
    Daniel Colman
    – Emmy-nominated and MPSE award-winning sound designer
    Harvey Frand – Producer
    Gary Hutzel – Emmy Award-winning VFX supervisor
    Paul Leonard – Co-producer
    Bear McCreary – Music composer
    Michael Nankin – Award-winning director
    Andy Seklir – Associate producer
    Bradley Thompson – Supervising producer/co-writer
    David Weddle – Supervising producer/co-writer
    Wayne Rose – Emmy Award-winning director

The Quorum interviewer was Brian.

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