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Below you will find some of the great sites and resources we have come across on the web. Ranging from other podcasts to costuming resources. If you have a Battlestar Galactica or sci-fi related website and wish to be included on our site. Please send an email to We only request in return that you place a link to our site on yours as well.

Also, should you come across a dead link on our site, please send an email to and let us know which site is no longer working.

Updated: 29-March-2011

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Cast & Crew Supported Charities
Bears that Care for BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
Canadian Cancer Socitey
Canucks for Kids
Philadelphia Children’s Alliance
TACA Talk About Curing Autism
Official Cast Sites
Jamie Bamber
Leah Cairns
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Kandyse McClure
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Sam Witwer
All Con
Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo
Comic Con
Galactica Four – Wolf Events
Gencon Australia
Shore Leave
Colonial Fleet forums
Prop Store of London
BSG 2003 Fics’ Journal
BSG Fic Recs
So Say We All
The Galactica Wireless
Merchandise Podcasts 2 Guys Talking-24 365tomorrows – Voices of Tomorrow Billibub Baddings PodcastBSGCastDanger Zone ShowGeeksOnGeek SyndicateI Should be WritingNowhere in MulberryThe Basics of the GameTyranny of TimeVideo Game Outsiders  


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