Galactica Quorum #4 – “The Eye Of Jupiter”

Our marathon discussion of the mid-season cliffhanger episode The Eye Of Jupiter is now ready for the masses (which is how many of you, exactly?).

Quorum participants this time were Brian, Dimitry and Michele.

We have no idea who (if anyone) is listening at this point, so please drop us a note. As well as our discussion forum, we have a Gmail address for comments, questions, and feedback: gquorum@gmail.com. Audio comments in the form of an MP3 are welcome.

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  1. Seriously, nuke half the cast? Who did they think they were kidding? This was the lamest cliff hanger ever. So glad I first watched this on the DVDs so I didn’t have to wait months to learn that *gasp* Adama doesn’t nuke the planet!

    Still, there were some nice scenes but hard to believe that the chief has been starving when he’s gained so much weight. Oh, and the love quadrangle – ugh, so many bad ideas in the middle of Season Three. If it didn’t have such an awesome beginning and ending it’d be easy to write off as the worst season.

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