Geek Quorum – Richard Hatch Tribute

The BSG and sci-fi community lost a great one on February 7 with the passing of Richard Hatch. Richard was an engaging and friendly advocate for the show. I was fortunate to have met him a few times over the years, and he appeared as a guest on our podcast a couple times. He was always a wonderful spirit, and …


Galactica Quorum #98 – Blood and Chrome, part 1

The “Blood and Chrome” web series had languished in uncertainty for months, but it’s suddenly upon us and we’re delighted to be able to enjoy new Battlestar Galactica content. And so far, it’s been a treat. At the point of this episode, we’ve seen the first four webisodes. We discuss the actors, the varying effectiveness of the green screen, and …


Galactica Quorum #97 – BSG News from 2011

After a long hiatus, we shake off the rust with a quick episode to recap the BSG news from the past several months. What’s up with Blood & Chrome, or the Bryan Singer movie? And what are Ron Moore and David Eick up to? Thanks to all who has stuck around in the five years that we’ve been doing this …


Galactica Quorum #96 – “Caprica Is Cancelled”

Caprica will not be getting a second season. We look at some of the reasons that the show failed to attract viewers, ranging from scheduling miscues to its soap opera foundation. Looking ahead to Blood and Chrome, is the BSG franchise played out? Article mentioned: The Hitfix’s 5 Reasons What Went Wrong With Caprica The Final Five Caprica episodes will …


Syfy cancels Caprica

This is official: Caprica has been cancelled. The show is being taken off the schedule and the remaining five episodes will be shown (burned off) sometime in early 2011.

Galactica Quorum #95 – “Retribution”

In “Retribution” we learn two things: Caprica has a brief monsoon season, and Clarice takes no prisoners. We bemoan the fact that Barnabus went from badass to blabbering, and that Joseph is reduced to a note-taker. The Quorum consisted of Brian and Jason. Listen using the player below, or visit our Feedburner page or subscribe using iTunes.


Galactica Quorum #94 – “Unvanquished”

Caprica returns with “Unvanquished.” Unfortunately it failed more than once to take the necessary step forward, always backing down from what could have been a game-changing event. We scratch our heads over Clarice and her plan, Geminon’s virtual sets, and the focus on the STO. But the biggest WTF came from the last scene. The show took a turn there, …

Galactica Quorum #93 – Caprica Returns

Caprica returns for the second half of Season One. Will these ten episodes be a departure from the first ten? Will the fans return, and what level of success does it need for it to be renewed by Syfy? We make a couple predictions and cross our fingers. The hopeful Quorum consisted of Brian and Jason. Listen using the player …


Galactica Quorum #92 – “Michael Nankin Interview”

We interview director Michael Nankin about some of the great episodes he’s done on BSG and Caprica. He discusses how he approached filming the deaths of notable characters, as well as bringing new characters and locales to life (Vergis, Barnabus, New Cap City…). He also provides a behind-the-scenes look at some of the production decisions for several key episodes, including …


Galactica Quorum #91 – “End Of Line”

“End Of Line” finally moves some key story points forward. The progression is nice, but there’s still a long way to go. Was it an effective mid-season cliffhanger? Does anyone care whether Amanda lives or dies? Or believe that the U-87 is toast?  The call to Daniel–from whom? And is he relevant now that his company royally frakked up the …