Galactica Quorum #12 – “A Day In The Life”

We did something a little different this time–we gathered at my house to watch “A Day In The Life” and do a “live” show with comments during the broadcast and a full discussion afterwards.

We also have some new voices in the Quorum… it’s the Galactica Quorum: Spouse Edition! Dimitry and his wife Jen were there, as well as Michele and her husband Ted. (My wife actually watched as well but was there only as an observer to our strange geek customs.)

As for the episode itself, well, we found it hard not to wonder about the direction of the show. Some of the concerns we discussed were:

  • the uneven balance of characterization versus story
  • Adama and Roslin, sittin’ in a tree
  • Chief’s recent behavior
  • the lack of an external threat, Cylon or otherwise

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