Galactica Quorum #18 – “Part Two of Crossroads, Pt 2”

We catch up on emails (and even a voice mail), news, and topics that we didn’t have time to cover on the previous podcast. Plus: a technical essay from Dimitry about the possible stellar distance to Earth, and we lay out our plans for the offseason.

It was the usual gang of four: Brian, Dimitry, Jason and Michele.

Lots of links to post this time… (after the jump)

Bear McCleary’s Blog:

Other BSG forums:


  • Grand Slam 15 in Burbank, CA April 13-15 with Katee Sackoff, Jamie Bamber and Michael Trucco (Anders)
  • Brisbane Supanova (Australia) April 13-15 with Aaron Douglas
  • Starfest April 20-22, Denver Kate Vernon

Fanfic links, courtesy Klucky from our forums:

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  1. About the essay, the zoom out is out of the nebula, viewing the milky way galaxy, and then zooming back in to another part of the galaxy to view earth. How Dimitry did not see that and thought they were in andromeda is beyond me.

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