Galactica Quorum #53 – “Tahmoh Penikett Interview”

We interview Tahmoh Penikett at DragonCon! Tahmoh talks about some of Helo’s memorable scenes, and addresses the infamous Cylon virus controversy.

He also mentions his latest role on Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse.” A big thanks to Tahmoh for taking the time to sit down with us!

The interview was done by Brian, Michele, and Ted.

Interviewing Tahmoh Penikett at DragonCon

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  1. Just to say.Excellent interview guys.I am amazed at how Penikett is always so enthusiastic considering the amount of press he does.He seems like a really decent guy.

  2. Ya know, you’d think Tahmoh was doing alright, working a lot lately, making good money… if that was case, then why does he only have 3 outfits?

  3. Thanks alot for that interview. It’s great and pretty long too! But he sounds tired, doesn’t he? Well, the reason for that is probably DragonCon (=big party). From all I have read he seems like a really nice and down-to-earth person. Hope to see him sometime over here in Germany (maybe at Fedcon next year).

  4. I enjoyed the interview. I was at DragonCon and got to meet Tahmoh, he is a really great guy. Honestly I think that everyone I have met from BSG has been really nice and very down to earth, it is nice to see that the popularity didn’t go to their heads.

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