Galactica Quorum #55 – “Edward James Olmos Interview”

We interview Edward James Olmos at Dragon*Con! We also play some segments from one of the Q&A panels the cast did at the convention. Thanks to Eddie for talking with us!

The Quorum correspondents for this episode were Brian and Michele. Here we are with Eddie at the Colonial Fleet party (our interview was the next day).

Brian and Michele with Edward James Olmos
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  1. Hey, great interview with EJO. Too bad you couldn’t get him for longer; I like the way your extended interviews go beyond the superficial stuff and get at the experience of working on the show and developing the characters. Your talk with Tahmoh Penikett (I might be spelling that wrong . . .) was awesome, too. I’m enjoying the show and looking forward to the rest of season four.

  2. Hello!

    It’s always a treat to check in and see an off-season podcast here! I have enjoyed the interviews and like BSG fans everywhere can hardly wait for season (4.5?)(5?) … uhhhh, the last few shows yet to come! And hearing what your group has to say in response!

    Best always.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this great interview with EJO! I enjoyed hearing what he thought of the TCF party and Dragon*Con in general. He’s an incredibly warm human being. I’ve pointed folks here from The Colonial Fleet so they can also check out the podcast. 🙂

    Congratulations to Galactica Quorum on winning the Parsec Award!

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