Galactica Quorum #60 – “Townhall Podcast (Webisodes and Predictions)”

In our second Townhall podcast we discuss the conclusion of the Gaeta webisodes. We then revisit Fifth Cylon theories one final time before stating our predictions, hopes, and expectations for BSG’s last ten episodes.

The Quorum panel consisted of Brian, Dimitry, Byrne and Bill.

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  1. Great Show! I’m glad I listened before tonights episode. One thing missed (i think) on that final list of things that need to be resolved is an explanation of what the deal is with “Head Six” And is Head Six/Head Baltar/ and Head Leobin the same entity. This mystery goes all the way back to the beginning. Seems like it’s almost over but in terms of hours there’s still a lot of story left, I think they can really take their time with some of the resolutions.

  2. Also I definitely would like to see some time spent on the toasters.


    There was a cylon v. human war and the toasters made the first basestar type hybrid from Razor.

    1)Did the toasters think this up themselves? Were toasters smarter in the past or was there a big cylon computer brain somewhere comming up with this strategy?

    2) When six talks about “God,” is she talking about the original Razor hybrid? I think he mentioned that some think of him as a god.

    I’m sure when the show is over, there will be several more podcasts to dedicate to putting it all together 🙂

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