Galactica Quorum #75 – “Daybreak, Part 2”

After taking some time to contemplate the final episode, we convene for a full discussion of some of the major (and controversial) developments. Was it a satisfying conclusion?

There are many elements to discuss, and for this episode we begin with the main points of contention: Starbuck‘s angelic destiny, “God,” and Cavil’s suicide.

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Rendering the Quorum’s verdict was Brian, Dimitry, and Michele.

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  1. I’m still totally squeeing that my TweetCap made the last GQ. I loved all your caps and everything else you guys did. Can’t wait to meet some of you (hopefully) at DragonCon.

    Are you all going to do it again for Caprica? I sure hope so. You’re all awesome.

  2. Brilliant recap! I share a strong disappointment with the very end (everything after the landing). It doesn’t take away from the enjoyment I’ve had from the show but it does make it less re-watchable for me. Like the joy of watching Fight Club a second time where you know all this random crazy is going somewhere vs “it was all a dream woah!”

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