Galactica Quorum #84 – “Rebirth”

We knew “Rebirth” couldn’t match the amazing “33” as a series opener, but we still had hopes for more. It’s a character show, and we examine the various choices they make.

We look ahead to what this type of show will be, and whether it has mass appeal–all the while, still pining for the show we wish they had made, about the first Cylon war.

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Here’s a photo from the screener that shows Amanda’s cut, that was removed in the final edit.

The Quorum consisted of Brian, Dimitry,  Byrne, and Jason.

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  1. I think I was the only one watching and knowing RDM wrote this before the end of BSG BECAUSE if cylons were like this group of people that lived together by themselves. How is Daniel Graystone making a cylon when they’re supposed to have been around for a LONG time by now? Totally don’t get that.

    I didn’t get Amanda Graystone’s break down either. Kind of pathetic almost. Made me hate her…or how they’re writing her I suppose. Something is telling me Zoey isn’t really hers and only her stepdaughter OR Zoey isn’t really Daniel’s and really Vergis’ daughter since they were supposed to be having an affair at the time. Hopefully they don’t cut it out completely.

    It seemed hastily written almost and a bit insane at points that didn’t make sense.

    That’s it for me, SOOOO glad to see you guys back. Though it is a bit of a sausage fest. lol. <3 you guys.

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