Galactica Quorum #91 – “End Of Line”

End Of Line” finally moves some key story points forward. The progression is nice, but there’s still a long way to go.

Was it an effective mid-season cliffhanger? Does anyone care whether Amanda lives or dies? Or believe that the U-87 is toast?  The call to Daniel–from whom? And is he relevant now that his company royally frakked up the robot project?

The Quorum consisted of Brian, Jason, Dimitry, Jen, and Michele.

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  1. Thank you for the talking heads bit nice work in weaving the lyrics throughout the recap.

    I may be different in that I didn’t want to like or dislike Caprica so there was no disappointment but I still ended up in the same place as most of ya’ll. I mainly watch Caprica because I was there from the beginning, unlike many shows where I missed the boat. I did like the pilot but once the sci-fi shiny wore off I mainly watched with an occasional raised eyebrow. My favorite part in the whole series was when she shot the dog, which means my least favorite part came soon after. I don’t know if you are going to finish the series but it may just keep watching it for the fun of listening to the podcast after. Here’s to hoping the second half of season one isn’t: “Same as it ever was. . .”

  2. After listening to the producer podcasts I’m under the impression that Caprica was perhaps rushed into production to “strike while the iron was hot”.Their time was probably split between getting the show up and running while having BSG in post-production. It seemed like they were falling in love with little ideas, actors, production designs rather than working on characters and story. Sometimes I wondered if the writers had ever watched BSG.
    There are two things that bother me about Caprica the most and surprisingly one of them is not Zoe.
    First, there does not seem to be any conflict on Caprica or even between the colonies. The most we see are some rather mild racial slurs against Taurons by teenagers. So, why is the Caprican government so fired up about getting these mechanized soldiers. Maybe it will turn out Caprica is run by Hitler and they are just going to attack other colonies for no real reason.
    Second, I hate what they did to the character Amanda. They took her from a strong, competent woman to a drunk, crazy, mess. I never did buy her proclaiming her child a terrorist, especially on the evidence she had. At first I thought maybe she would really go off the deep end in the other direction. Determined to prove her child innocent, she would start investigating and perhaps she would go undercover in the STO. But, alas.
    What I would like to see happen in the second part of the series is that we’ve jumped in time 2-3 years. Caprica, Tauron, and some other colonies are at war with another group of colonies. The cylons are getting their asses handed to them by guerilla warriors. The government forces Vergis to bring Greystone in to “fix” the problem because he obviously got the chip to work before.
    Sadly, what I think will happen is that the call to Daniel is from Zoe, “Daddy,I’m sorry, I’ve wrecked the car. ” Amanda will be in a padded room being held by Vergis and Clarice will not even be questioned as to why her car suddenly exploded.

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