Galactica Quorum #98 – Blood and Chrome, part 1

The “Blood and Chrome” web series had languished in uncertainty for months, but it’s suddenly upon us and we’re delighted to be able to enjoy new Battlestar Galactica content.

And so far, it’s been a treat. At the point of this episode, we’ve seen the first four webisodes. We discuss the actors, the varying effectiveness of the green screen, and the mix of BSG and Caprica lore.

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  1. I just listened to the podcast this morning. You had some good observations, considering you’d only seen half the episodes. Why no follow up? The most ridiculous thing to me was that Ensign Adama was pilot-in-command, despite the fact that Lt. Coker outranked him and had more experience. What’s that about. Any chance of a new Blood and Chrome season on the web? I hate to see the Galactica franchise just die.

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