Galactica Quorum #20 – “Offseason Show #2 — Star Wars and Stargate SG-1”

The issue of Cylon reproduction continues to vex us, and we defend our hypotheses. We play a couple interesting voice mails, and mention the latest podcast commentaries posted on the Sci-Fi website.
Also, the final word on Dimitry’s essay with a detailed explanation about the location of the Galactica.

For our science fiction discussion we pay tribute to Star Wars‘ 30th anniversary and examine another long-running franchise, Stargate SG-1.

Fanfic link (thanks Klucky):

Upcoming Cons:

  • Polaris 21, Toronto, July 6-8, with Katee Sackhoff
  • Shore Leave, Baltimore, July 13-15 with Aaron Douglas (and us!)

Quorum members this time were Brian, Dimitry and Michele.

Listen to the podcast on our Feedburner page. Thanks as always for listening! Keep those voice mails and emails coming!

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