Galactica Quorum #21 – “Offseason Show #3 — Heroes”

With the news and confirmation that Season Four will the the last for Battlestar Galactica, we discuss what could be in store and what might have possibly extended the series for a couple more seasons.

We also rank all the previous seasons’ cliffhangers … which was your favorite?

Speaking of series finales, we have an extended discussion about one of our other favorite shows: Heroes. Did the finale live up to the hype? Did the future episode make logical sense? What is Nicki’s power, anyway? So many things to discuss, we almost need a podcast just for Heroes (hmmm… post-BSG perhaps?).

Upcoming Cons:

  • Polaris 21, Toronto, July 6-8, with Katee Sackhoff
  • Shore Leave, Baltimore, July 13-15 with Aaron Douglas (and us!)

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Quorum Heroes in this episode were Brian, Dimitry, Michele, and Sylar, er, Jason.

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