Galactica Quorum #30 – “Bionic Woman Beatdown”

The Quorum sets its sights on “Bionic Woman” and roasts it mercilessly. Jen calls in to join in on the beatdown. “Heroes” fares slightly better but we’re still waiting for it to regain its first season form. We close with some viewer mail about BSG.

Don’t forget our contest! Deadline extended!

This slightly unorthodox episode featured Brian, Dimitry, Jen (by phone), Michele and Jason.

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  1. thanks, I became a podcast listener a few months after episode 4 finaly so I missed some of the early speculation. I agree with Dimitry that the 5th Cylon issue shouldn’t overshadow the main story arc. The extended absence of the show has given the fans too much opportunity to speculate. I enjoy the round table discussion and hope you guys continue to podcast even if galactica comes to an end because I enjoy the discussion of other shows as well.

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