Galactica Quorum #31 – “Hybrid Ramblings”

A revealing cut scene from “Razor” sparks a discussion about the Hybrid, the last of the Final Five, and the direction of Season 4. Will the “Ship of Light” from the Original Series show up in some form?

Plus, we dish on the mid-season finale of “Heroes.”

The clip of the Hybrid scene is on YouTube.

Episodes of BSG, no longer available on iTunes, are found online at NBC/Universal’s hulu.com.

The full crew of Brian, Dimitry, Michele and Jason were on hand for this show.

Listen using the player below, or visit our Feedburner page.

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  1. HIOH! I’ve been searching for some kind of bsg to ease the wait, so thanks for putting up an entertaining podcast!

    “If they screw this up, I’m going back to books.”

    AHAHAHA. OH NOES! NOT BOOKS! Uh, ditto. I have had high expectations for this show, and it just seems BSG is slipping. Oh well, it’s still pretty entertaining.

    You guys (and lady) going to dish on the new
    “Last Supper” photo next? Our first taste of new BSG! Glee!

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