Sine Qua Non – video recap

Here is the recap by Pike, for BSG episode “Sine Qua Non” (410), with audio from GQ #46.

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  1. Kewl recap…but thinking of that show you’d like to pitch…What if that cylon experimental ship that got away, what if that is where the skin jobs came from…so we could see the evolution of how they came to be?

    plus i’m not sure with the ending of BSG coming along if the timeline for the first human cylons fits…enjoying the cast.

    carry on (ooops wrong show tag)…so say we all

    p.s. sex in the city was good …if to see nothing but the male eyecandy and carry knock the $%3t! outta big!

  2. don’t you just love BSG…we have head 6, head baltar, head ellen, and now head CAT! LOL and if you’ve watched the last episode this past friday you’ll be privy to the next Head character…

    great ep…Lee yeah there were no lights on in that castle…he’s so humble! (CRRRAaap!)

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