Galactica Quorum #47 – “The Hub”

The events in “The Hub” had monumental implications for the Cylons, although the episode itself fell just a bit short. We discuss Roslin’s latest trippy experience and the Eight’s infatuation with Helo.  Have we really seen the last of Boomer and Cavil?

Links mentioned in the podcast:

  • Gen Con Oz: Brisbane, July 3-6 with Jamie Bamber and James Callis
  • Shore Leave Convention: Baltimore, July 11-13 with Mark Sheppard, Leah Cairns, Jewel Staite, George Takei
  • Dragon Con: Atlanta, August 29-31 (Brian needs help finding a room!)
  • The video recap for the previous episode, “Sine Qua Non,” by Pike

Members of this week’s Quorum were Brian, Michele, and Jason.

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  1. that’s right you stand your ground Michelle. I thought it was funny too. Adds some depth to the Dianna model that she can actually mess with people’s heads.

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