Galactica Quorum #86 – “Gravedancing”

Perhaps the most charming part of “Gravedancing” was the dancing Cylon. While the issue of the Holoband‘s effects on youth was interesting, watching the Graystones squirm on a studio set was hardly gripping. And did you really think there were going to kill off Amanda?

At this point, what characters are drawing you in? Do you mind seeing actors from BSG in different roles on Caprica?

The Quorum consisted of Brian, Dimitry, Matthew, and Michele.

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  1. Thanks for the great podcast. It is rare that a group cast doesn’t talk over each other all the time only to gush over the latest episode.

    I was first drawn to Caprica by the stunning visuals and interesting framework for the story. I have not watched BSG and wasn’t aware Caprica was a prequel. Having said that, I find the character development inconsistent from week to week and the overall pacing to be too slow. The writers need to make me start to care about the characters because beautiful imagery can only take a show so far.

    Much of this changed in the most recent episode “There is another sky.” The major characters Daniel, Amanda, and Joseph were still annoying and inconsistent but a new world was introduced with a quicker pace. This week the show seemed to move out of basic drama and more into sci-fi. Daniel is now shown as a strong, insightful leader while Tamara now understands her abilities. For a defense lawyer, Joseph is amazingly spineless and I don’t buy the argument that he is still greiving as an excuse. I still don’t know what Amanda is doing with her days and hope she’s soon hired by another hospital.

    I was ready to write off this series but the introduction of New Cap City has captured my interest. One of these days I’ll pick up a copy of the BSG series to get a better understanding of where this is headed.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I just realized something a bit interesting to me. Avatar Zoe is sort of the opposite of people playing the game, or any online rpg. She was created in the virtual world and can interact with the real world via her Cylon Avatar. Imagine if some World of Warcraft character became self aware and downloaded itself into one of those Sony Robot dogs.

  3. I have to agree. The pacing is painful and the character development seems to lack any real thought. The only character I’ve really cared about is William Adama, and then only because we know how he turns out – which makes his upbringing interesting (for at least a little while).

    That said, recall that Next Generation was not just bad, it was abysmal for its first two-and-a-half seasons. Patrick Stewart was wooden and uncomfortable. Brent Spiner had no idea how to play Data. Worf had no purpose until Tasha Yar got eaten by the Tar Monster. It finally came into its own with “Yesterday’s Enterprise,” midway through season three. No show today would be given that chance, but look how it paid off.

    I listened to the official podcast, and pretty much all they talk about is the set design. That does not bode well. (Actually, it was the podcast for the next episode, but still). It’s a pretty show, we all agree. Now how about some hint where we are going. (Note to writers: It is a fatal error to assume your audience knows the endgame merely because they watched BSG).

    I’m not losing any sleep yet over the slow development. I am giving the writers the benefit of the doubt and assuming that the first half of this season is intended to provide us a foundation for a larger story. Hopefully, looking back in two years will provide new meaning and purpose to what’s happened so far. I almost stopped watching BSG when they spent so much time on New Caprica because it got so bogged down and uninteresting. In retrospect, it was brilliant. But it didn’t seem that way at the time.

    I’ll be curious to hear the Quorum’s take on the next episode, where Tamara becomes “The One” and can control everything in the Matrix. All that episode needed was some Rage Against the Machine as the credits rolled. “Wake Up!”

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