Galactica Quorum #87 – “There Is Another Sky”

It’s not the show BSG fans expected, but with “There Is Another Sky,” Caprica may have finally found its footing. We were very intrigued by Tamara and her storyline in New Cap City. Her dad, however, is a mess–on the show and as a character.

The virtual world seems completely at odds with the hard-wired BSG universe, but we’re hopeful for story potential. Still, we can’t help but muse about some of the missed turns that the show has taken.

The Quorum consisted of Brian, Byrne, Jesse, and Dimitry.

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  1. The credit sequence of BSG was terrible. They struggled with it for all four seasons. They were always changing the music and I hated how they showed clips from the upcoming episode. Talk about spoilers! In season two they completely removed the intense drumming only to bring it back in season three. What a mess.

    I was so happy that they decided to take the time to make a totally unique opening to Caprica. It reminds me of other great opening credits like Six Feet Under. It does a good job of setting the tone for the show. I think the problem is that they spent all this time and money on a great opening sequence but it doesn’t include Tamara who is now the most interesting character in the series.

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