Galactica Quorum #88 – “Know Thy Enemy”

Know Thy Enemy” was a typical “setup” episode–but setup for what? Not a lot happened, but the introduction of Vergis and Barnabus seems to signal a shift in the story. But what of the other storylines, especially the most interesting one: Tamara?

Instead, we are left to roll our eyes over the creepy tech guy, and Clarice’s slapstick spywork.

The Quorum consisted of Brian,  Jason, and Jesse.

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  1. I believe Clarice’s spy work was previously part of the “humor” to be injected into the show. For those who watched “Rome”, it was a very Atia scheme and therefore not throughly thought out and doomed to failure. I don’t think they got the Zoe avatar on the zip drive since she, Tamara, and Lacey left the mime box via the door to V-world. So Clarice will think it’s a complete failure–all they got were the plans to some stupid robot! I wish Amanda and Clarice had made out a little in front of Zoe–that would have been funny.

    Looking forward to the next podcast.

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