Galactica Quorum #78 – “Live at Balticon 2009”

This is our live panel discussion at <strong>Balticon</strong> 2009. We’re joined by best-selling horror/scifi author <strong>Scott Sigler</strong> to discuss the BSG finale and gauge people’s reactions to the show’s ending.

We had several participants from the <strong>audience</strong> give their opinions, and we also polled them about whether they had interest in “<strong>Caprica</strong>” or “<strong>The Plan</strong>.” The results were surprising!

Thanks for all who came out and attended! It was great meeting you.

Visit Scott’s website at <strong><a href=””></a></strong>.

The live Quorum consisted of <strong>Brian</strong>, <strong>Michele</strong>, and guest <strong>Scott Sigler</strong>.

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