New Website Up and Running

That’s right Quorum fans, if you didn’t already notice, our site has changed. We have a nice blog going on again and we’ve also added a Message Board. So please feel free to comment and join us in some chats over on our Message Board.

And don’t forget to listen to our latest podcast and subscribe.

Thanks for visiting the site. See you on the boards,

aka. Michele
Galactica Quorum

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  1. First? Woo-hoo! Hey, guys. Thanks for reading my email on the podcast. Pretty weird hearing my words come back to me on my new iPod Nano (blue). Did notice that the date is wrong in your first comment. It reads Feb 1, 2007, but today is Jan 31. I’m assuming you didn’t send the comment back from the future or across the int’l date line.

    Keep up the good work! Site looks great!

  2. Post

    For some reason the server that this site is hosted on exists about 12 hours ahead of Realtime. Not sure why that is….

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