Galactica Quorum #24 – “Heroes, Stargate, Bionic Woman”

In this episode we debate Admiral Cain and postulate the type of series finale that BSG will have. We also revisit “Heroes” and “Stargate,” and have early impressions of “The Bionic Woman.”

The Galactica Quorum is a finalist for the Podcast Awards! We’re in the Entertainment category. You can vote every 24 hours…Voting ends August 11th, so get your votes in now!

Links mentioned in the podcast:

The Quorum again consisted of Brian, Michele, and Jason.

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  1. excellent episode. I totally agree that the Hathor episode really sucked/ Every show has to have those sucky episodes though, eh?

    Thanks for reading my email. Shortly after sending that I’d noticed that shrek had said something similar in the forums though, and, was afraid someone would think i’d copied him…..

    I actually thought of it during the episode where you guys were talking about it, and, i tried sending you a message through the force….but, my skills must not be strong enough to send messages through time yet…..

  2. Why the number 12…

    Because it has a “name” it’s a dozen, where 10 of something doesn’t have a like-name (that anyone can remember anyway).

    Another great cast, and Firefly really does deserve some attention. I went YEARS not watching it, and after it was canceled a number of friends and I had a marathon of the show, and then the DVD of their feature film, “SERENITY” and I was really sorry that I hadn’t seen it in real time while it was on and being destroyed by Fox by being shown in random/terrible order.

    A great show and I look forward to more!

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