Galactica Quorum #41 – “Escape Velocity”

After the previous brilliant episode, “Escape Velocity” was a letdown. The episode title was ironic, since the show never seemed to take off, but we try to interpret what seemed to be setup storylines.

We discuss Tigh and Chief’s deteriorating mental states, ponder Roslin’s fate, and state the case for Tory being evil (and not just “misunderstood”).

The Quorum consisted of Brian, Jason, and Michele.

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  1. What I love about Science Fiction is that as a genre it has the greatest capacity to help people re-examine and think critically about ourselves.

    Giaus is not a perfect allegory for Christ. That is the one thing I have learned since writing my post on majordojo. If anything he is an amalgam of many different messianic figures throughout history. But that is the brilliance of how he is portrayed as a character because he becomes a lens through which we can see ourselves and others, and thereby give us new found perspectives upon our own humanity.

    I go back and forth on whether Giaus is a cylon, believe you me. There is one thing for sure though: I love his character. I love how flawed, complex and tragic he is, and I have loved witnessing his evolution throughout the series.

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