Galactica Quorum #43 – “Faith”

We felt “Faith” was another strong episode. We discuss Roslin’s open mind about spiritual possibilities, attempt to interpret the Hybrid’s message, ponder why the Eights are a herd of pod people, and discuss what has become of Gaeta’s character.

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The Quorum consisted of Brian, Michele, and by phone, Jen.

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  1. The ‘poop ship’ conversation seems to be making the same assumption over and over again. Folks, it’s been a few years, but don’t forget that this ‘rag tag fleet’ wasn’t DESIGNED, it’s a big clump of ships that had FTL capability that were able to make it to a rendezvous point. One of the ships happens to have been a sewage processor, that doesn’t mean that it’s _the only_ processor in the fleet or that it exists to be that for the fleet. It might have been a processor for space stations or something else and not really necessary in the current fleet because they’re doing something else with waste, who knows?

    If anything, it might be the easiest ship to spare because it stinks and is unpopular for refugees.

    “Why didn’t they send a corvette or other light military vessel?” Well, probably because they don’t HAVE any. Remember, the rest of the fleet was destroyed through a combination of information warfare and… guns. There aren’t any surviving ships (that we know of) because of Baltar’s magic, so the poop ship is the answer.

    The concept goes back to WWII’s ‘Q ship’ idea, where merchant ships were equipped with weaponry and sent into battle.

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