Galactica Quorum #63 – “A Disquiet Follows My Soul”

After the powerful, moving brilliance of the last episode, “A Disquiet Follows My Soul” was a letdown, although we had varying reasons why we felt that way. For one in the Quorum, it hinted at an all-too familiar plot path. For another, it was another setup episode.

And the Nicky resolution? Cop out! Plus, why Gaeta’s role is a bad thing on a couple levels.

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The Quorum cast was the duo of Brian and Jason. Oddly, that’s the first time in 63 episodes it has just been that pair!

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  1. re: comment that “the cylon’s nuked each other.” I’ll say it again as my first solid prediction. I think Humans nuked the cylons. The other odd thing concerning skin jobs falling into the cylons lap, I don’t think that jives with finding a centurian very similar to the one on the colonies. Perhaps something like a reincarnated final 5, consciously or unconsciously started the program that lead to the colony toasters. Great show as always, I’m commenting even before I’ve listened to it all. 🙂

  2. I thought the Nicky feint was a nice sidestep allowing them to keep the emotional history–including the fact that Tyrol wasn’t 100% in love with Cally.

    Do you really think that Baltar has always been 100% weasel? I think he truly began to believe in God and to stretch towards being a better person. His rant seemed like a real howl towards God–plus he’s sort of shell shocked. I mean, he’s always going to be Baltar, but it’s lovely to see all the characters grow–but in the context of their individual characters.

    So, the “good guys” have had to endure having their darker sides exposed and this bad guy has begun to explore his light side. He did make a last ditch effort to talk to Gaeta.

  3. I’ve got to express some disagreement with some of the comments from this week’s show.

    First, there seems to be this strong irritation on this podcast at why the humans fail to get the warm fuzzies about the alliance with the Cylons. Certainly the show is pushing us all in the direction that the alliance is the key to the survival of both species (or is it both races?). But, lets take stock of things. The Cylons launch an unprovoked sneak attack that all but exterminated the entire human race. Billions dead in the blink of an eye which would make any of the genocides known to us pale by comparison. The handful of survivors are left to mourn the deaths of everyone and everything they knew as they drift through space in a tin can waiting for the next ambush to put them out of their misery. Do you really think that Athena changing sides, a questionable alliance, and a destroyed resurrection hub should wash all that away? So the Cylons can’t resurrect, but they can still kill. If you ask me you’re all sounding like a bunch of Cylon sympathizers!

    Second, there was dislike of the corruption story line introduced in Zarek’s interrogation. You seem to view Zarek as purely ideological. Sure, he has some idealogical motivations. But, he wasn’t a political activist, he was a terrorist. That’s little more than a criminal with a cause. And in our world we see many idealogical zealots who use their beliefs to mask or excuse inappropriate or illegal activity. Think of September 11th hijackers spending their last days before martydom drinking at strip clubs, the violently anti-gay preacher caught doing drugs with a gay hooker, or the white supremacist sneaking off to his black girlfriend. I just object to holding Zarek so high. Today’s revolutionary might be tomorrow’s dictator.

    If you insist that Zarek is so ideological allow me to offer another alternative to reconcile his corruption. If he was plotting to be prepared for revolt all along he would have needed resources and support. His corruption may have just been his way of obtaining those things. Again, we can look to modern day terrorists who often participate in a wide variety of illegal schemes to support their actions.

    Finally, the comments about Gaeta becoming “bad” and the concern of portraying a gay character in a negative light. I do think you’re being too PC, who cares if he’s gay or not, you’re reading too much into this. But, more to point, I don’t think Gaeta is “bad”. Unlike Zarek, Gaeta doesn’t have a long history of criminal activity. So why would he lead a mutiny after years of loyal service? In his mind he is not going against his people, he is putting his neck on the line to protect them from what he sees as the dangerously misguided decisions of the leadership. He’s risking all to save humanity. He certainly has some anger issues, but that hardly seems like enough to solely motivate a mutiny of that scale. Gaeta is TRYING to do the right thing for humanity. He may be wrong in the end, but he’s not a bad guy…at least not yet.

    And one final comment, whoever mentioned that Anders should watch his back appears to have had a moment of clairvoyance. Good call.

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