Galactica Quorum #62 – “Sometimes A Great Notion”

The final episodes begin impressively with “Sometimes A Great Notion.” Among the many bombshells, we discuss Cylon Earth, Starbuck’s eerie discovery and Leoben’s reaction, Dee’s suicide, and oh yeah… the identity of the Fifth Cylon. What an episode!

We also tell about our trip to Los Angeles for the BSG Prop Auction and all the activities that we saw and participated in. A few L.A. podcasts are in the production pipeline–watch for those in the coming weeks. It was also great meeting online friends in person for the first time!

The full body of the Quorum was in session, with Brian, Dimitry, Jason, Michele, Jen, and (“the other”) Jen.

Listen using the player below, or visit our Feedburner page.

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  1. Remember, Felix stated that “All *visible* constellations match” at the end of S3. That seems like the kind of thing that the writers insert carefully. We also have yet to see a recognizable continent or even the moon.

    I’m still thinking it’s not our earth.

  2. There has been a great deal of speculation leading up to the reveal of the fifth of the Final Five as Ellen and much comment regarding clues that pointed to her. Some of those clues coming from the “Last Supper” image like the cup and her poisoning death by Saul Tigh. However, there is a very interesting fact that I have not heard mentioned. The empty spot at the table is the location occupied by Judas in the original painting by Da Vinci. This seems particularly interesting in retrospect since we know that Ellen, like Judas, was guilty of betrayal. Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but it seems too coincidental that the empty seat would correspond to such an infamous disciple.

    By the way, I frakking love the show!

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