Galactica Quorum #64 – “The Oath”

The bloody mutiny in “The Oath” made for a taut, tension-filled episode. Besides cheering the return of Starbuck’s ass-kicking ways, we appreciated Gaeta’s orchestrations while lamenting his lost morality.  We wonder, who left is redeemable?

Contains small spoiler about Helo and Sharon (first mentioned in our Tahmoh Penikett interview).

Brian in front of the CIC plotting table

Brian in front of the CIC plotting table. More pics after the jump.

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The Quorum was composed of Brian, Jason, and Michele.

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(Fake) Blood spattered on CIC equipment…

Blood on the CIC

More (fake) blood

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  1. LOVED the recap had to try hard not to laugh out loud at work. Brought back all the badassery of Starbuck that was so fun.

    Note on the cylon plague thing. It was left as a beacon and it turned out that it made the cylons sick by accident. In other words I don’t think it was an intentional weapon. I think it just had a run of the mill virus on it that the new 7 cylons had no resistance for.

  2. Just and FYI guys… remember this “PAL”

    Previews always lie! 🙂

    I am still catching up on the series, but I wanted to say thanks for joining the Heroescast Roundtable this week Michele!

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