Galactica Quorum #65 – “Blood On The Scales”

The mutiny story arc comes to a gripping conclusion with “Blood On The Scales.” Not just the outcome of the coup storyline, but the resolution of Gaeta’s character.

If the heart-quickening mutiny wasn’t enough, we also examine other storylines tucked in the episode: What happened to Anders? Was Romo‘s appearance worthwhile? And what is happening to Galactica?

Surviving the bloody Quorum massacre to bring you this podcast were Brian and Michele.

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  1. Thoughts about the email about humans not accepting cylon allies
    I think it’s very easy to think the fleet is wrong to be “racists” about working with the rebel cylons but what keeps going through my head is the fleet doesn’t know everything I know as a viewer. Everyone in that fleet has lost family to the cylon genocide. The majority have probably lost parents, siblings. Remember the last time you rode on a plane. Well imagine that if when you were in the air, everyone left on the ground was killed. Think of how many of your family members would be lost. Now you try and rebuild humanity with all the people that happened to be flying at the moment of the attack and just when you start to build something new to care about, a new family perhaps, you find out the people that killed everyone you left behind have infiltrated the military that is supposed to be protecting what little you have left. The final five call themselves cylons but I would really want to know what role they had, if any, in the genocide. They may have been the ones who set it in motion for all I know. I might be able to set my anger aside and accept the alliance but it would take some pretty heavy duty convincing and I would want to know as much as possible. I know some information is getting out to the fleet otherwise the press wouldn’t have known to ask about the final 5 but I also know Adama never seems to feel the need to explain himself to anyone.

    I’m just really curious about how much Joe Six-frak knows about what’s going on.

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