Galactica Quorum #70 – “Someone To Watch Over Me”

After a slow build-up, “Someone To Watch Over Me” ended with a powerful crescendo. We discuss Boomer’s dark nature and whether she was ever redeemable. Next we delve into the implications of Starbuck’s piano-playing father and the song they play.

With only two episodes remaining we revisit the rapidly approaching finale and the possible fates for Galactica and the key characters.

The Quorum for our longest podcast yet consisted of Brian, Dimitry, Michele, Byrne, and Bill.

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  1. surprised no one mentioned hara’s projection at the very beginning when she is sitting on the plotting table of the CIC and ramming the galactica model into the basestar surrounded by raiders.

    seems a bit prophetic when you take into account Adama saying he was going to send her off in style.

  2. Cool thanks Monkey. I’ve watched it twice and didn’t pay attention to exactly what was going on on the table.

  3. The physics involved in the two instance of the FTL shockwaves is correct. In the first instance, the vipers have very little inertia (compared to Galactica) and the area on which the force is applied to is relatively large. Therefore, the vipers would simply be pushed away. In the second instance (Boomer’s jumping near the Galactica hull) the opposite conditions exist, relatively high inertia and the force hitting a localized area.
    A simple experiment can demonstrate this. First, hit a baseball with a baseball bat. Now, hit your car with a baseball bat. You can imagine the results.

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