Galactica Quorum #80 – “Dollhouse”

We review Dollhouse Season One, from the pilot script all the way to the unaired (but fabulous) “Epitaph One.” We take both a closeup and wide angle look at the season, summarizing each episode and examining the main story arcs and mysteries.

We lament some of the character and story choices that led to the rocky start of the first several episodes, but the momentum leading up to the season finale gives us confidence that the series has found its footing.

Imprinted to act like Quorum podcasters were Brian and Michele, with a short appearance by Jason.

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  1. Congratuations on hitting 80! We listeners will need to come up with some sort of prize to give to the team when you hit the big 100!

  2. yay, I’m talking to my Ipod again. I haven’t added any dollhouse podcasts yet so it was good to hear you guys talk about it.

    Dichen Lachman (Sierra) is Australian (born in Nepal). I was pretty sure her accent was Australian but you had me doubting it so I had to check.

    Also, the primary goal for episode 8: Needs, was not a security exercise if you remember how the episode ended.

    So I pretty much liked all the episodes (except rock star one)the main flaw of the show for me is how they treat Ballard as an FBI agent who casually talks about his work with the girl next door with not even a “I’m not supposed to be telling you this.” Best scene ever was when November was activated via the old fashioned answering machine. Yeah, it’s not so realistic with the suspending of disbelief as other shows but it is fun.

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