Galactica Quorum #79 – “More Daybreak Discussion”

The post-mortem on the BSG finale continues. We grapple with the nature of the Angels and the Lords of Kobol connection. To aid the analysis we revisit a conversation with Katee Sackhoff.

We ask, where does BSG fit in the SciFi pantheon, finale and all? We then switch gears to Caprica.

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The rested and rejuvenated Quorum consisted of Brian, Jason, and Michele.

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  1. Matrix 3 was my favorite Matrix! It’s the one that made me a Matrix fan. But I know I’m pretty alone in that one.

    The worst thing about the last hour of the finale is that it took away re-watching the show for me. I can’t even imagine watching it again. Maybe I can do an eternal sunshine of the spotless mind thing and erase the last bit of the finale. 4 out of 5 people on the forums wrote a better ending.

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