Galactica Quorum – Video Podcast #2 – “Dragon*Con 2008 – Part 1: BSG at D*C”

As we get ready for this year’s Dragon*Con, here’s a look back at last year’s event with a series of video podcasts.

In this first segment, we cover the BSG presence at D*C 2008: the Q&As, the autograph signings, and the Colonial Fleet party.

The Dragon*Quorum was Brian and Michele, with assistance from Ted.

Music by Brazenwww.myspace.com/djbrazen.

Watch using the player below (click the Play Now link), or visit our Feedburner page. Search for us in iTunes as well!

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  1. A great video! I wish I could join you this year! Oh well, maybe some year!

    PS – Michelle – you looked great!

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