Syfy cancels Caprica

This is official: Caprica has been cancelled.

The show is being taken off the schedule and the remaining five episodes will be shown (burned off) sometime in early 2011.

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  1. I’m deeply disappointed that the skinjobs at SyFy (what a stupid change from Sci Fi) have canceled Caprica. While the show was flawed, the thing that really kept me watching it was the development of the mythos of the Cylons. Now we’ll never really know how they came to be and evolved on Caprica. Remember the oft-repeated line from BSG: “All of this has happened before. All of this will happen again.” We don’t really know how Zoe developed the code for the Avatar. Was she inspired by something from the wasted Cylon “Earth?” We know the Cylons evolved separately at least twice. Was the STO somehow tied in with the Final Five? What was the connection between the Cylons and the STO. I think Ron Moore and David Eick eventually would have told this story and tied it all up, just as they did with all the loose ends in BSG. Maybe they still will in some other medium such as ebooks or webisodes. I wonder if David Eick saw this coming. That might explain why there hasn’t been a new podcast for the past few weeks.

    Frak the skinjobs! Throw them to the centurions. I don’t like the direction in which they’re taking the network and find less and less reason to watch it.

    But it says something about the viewers that a somewhat cerebral show like Caprica gets axed while pedestrian fair like SGU and Warehouse 13 continues. Hmmm, maybe PBS will pick up Caprica?

  2. Well, maybe SyFy will redeem itself with Blood & Chrome, if they don’t frak it up! Conceivably, they could answer some of the quetions left unanswered by Caprica. And it would be nice to see spaceships again!

  3. I was a huge fan of Ronald D Moore’s Galactica but Caprica was so bad, as was The Plan, that I probably won’t bother to watch Blood and Chrome. Even though Galactica was a great show,the plot was riddled with holes and a lot of stuff just didn’t make any sense when you really thought about it, mainly after season 2.
    If Galactica had been cancelled after the second season I would probably consider it the greatest show in TV history. At this point, it feels like they’re beating the dead horse-bones into glue.

  4. It was really disappointing to see Star Trek NG running in Caprica’s time slot tonight. If I wanted to watch a 20-year-old show, I’d get the DVD.
    The biggest mistake on Caprica’s was SyFy’s decision to show half the shows for the first season and then take a Sopranos-like hiatus. That worked for the Sopranos–after it was established for a few seasons. I don’t think HBO tried that during its first season. I think running the full season with minimal interruption would have given Caprica a chance to prove itself. And if it hadn’t, then it would have been public reaction, not poor programming, that killed the show.

  5. It was better than a lot of stuff on Syfy or network TV. The problem was it was too related to BSG. It would have worked better if it had nothing to do with it, but the expectations were too high. It’s like Stargate Universe, which is great. But it only works when you dont think of it as part of the existing Stargate Universe. I just saw the next Caprica episode 14 (via torrent) and it was the best so far. They actually got to the point where Cylons and the idea of the one true god meet. I wish it would have gotten to this point sooner and I wish they wouldn’t have thrown so much at the wall at once.

  6. Just watched the Caprica finale and it was really actually rather amazingly good. I know there were a lot of long boring episodes in the first half of the season but the last 5 episodes really made up for it.

    I’m not saying I think the show deserved a second season, but at least the finale made me feel like the entire first season was worth while. I really hope you guys do a final podcast to wrap it all up after seeing the final five episodes.

  7. The Caprica finale was really good. My husband and I watched it a few days ago and both of us remarked how great we thought it was.

    I have to agree with Adam who said: “I’m not saying I think the show deserved a second season, but at least the finale made me feel like the entire first season was worth while.” Brilliantly put.

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