Galactica Quorum #2 – “Unfinished Business”

Episode #2 is ready to go… In this no-holds-barred installment we take a stick to “Unfinished Business.”

True to our role as the scrappy underdog, we were forced to record on a PC with 256MB of RAM. Yes, they still exist. No, I didn’t think XP could run on that either. The resulting recording had some blips and dropoffs so we apologize for that, but nothing too bad. I was able to clean up the worst of it.

Quorum commentators this time were Brian and, making her debut, Michele.

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  1. I started listening to your podcast towards the end of BSG, but I’ve decided to go back and listen to the earlier episodes out of curiosity. I think it’s interesting that this podcast pretty much started right after the New Caprica arc, probably the best episodes of the series, ended because so many of the episodes after that arc are so awful.

    I remember thinking it just got worse and worse and worse from Torn to A Measure of Salvation to Hero. It’s also interesting to hear everyone’s theories now that we know how it all ended. You guys just think every little detail is so significant in episodes that ended up being stand alone stories. The cylon virus never returned, Bulldog never returned, and so on. I’m sure I was guilty of the same thing back when the show was on TV.

    Also, I have to question whether or not you guys are connecting with the emotion of the show and aren’t just looking sci-fi elements. I don’t understand how you could love Hero but hate Unfinished Business. From what I’ve read elsewhere UB is one of the most beloved episodes of the series and most people hated Hero (myself included). I hope later podcasts included someone with a different perspective.

    I mean, you couldn’t believe that they “went there” with Adama and Roslin? You don’t think a story can be told using flashbacks? Of course they went there with Adama and Roslin! They’re one of the key relationships on the show. And I’m pretty sure that telling stories with flashbacks is a standard and well accepted storytelling device. I for one was thrilled to spend more time on New Caprica and learn more about what happened there. They were on that planet for 16 months, I don’t think half an episode of flashbacks can really undo the awesomeness of the “one year later” idea.

    Anyway, I think I can tell from the first two episodes of this podcast that you guys are going to be disappointed a lot over the next two seasons. It’s a shame your podcast didn’t start sooner.

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