Galactica Quorum #3 – “The Passage”

The Quorum finally has all members in attendance for a discussion of “The Passage.” We were able to record on a decent laptop this week so there weren’t any audio issues, aside from the logistics of using three mics between four people.

Filling out the roster this week is Brian, Dimitry, Michele, and, finally embracing his inner geekiness, Jason.

We also took a couple pics during the podcast. See below! Just an FYI we are working on setting up a forums for fans to come chat with all of us. We’ll let you know once that goes live.

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  1. I’m a new visitor, I am now watching season 3 on DVD and listening to your podcast after the show. Unfortunately there is no audio link this episode here. Any plans to provide one?

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  3. I’m more on board with you guys on this episode. The Passage was confusing. It wasn’t until watching it a third or fourth time I even realized that there were no passengers on the other ships because they had all been transferred to Galactica for the journey. I’m glad you explained your philosophy on flashbacks a little more. I agree that it’s lame when they show scenes from previous episodes to somehow beef up the emotion of the current scene, but it’s a TV show and some viewers may need those reminders so I can let it go so long as they don’t over do it.

    I think that another big flaw with this episode is that, as with Hero, viewers are spending so much time looking for other cylons that anytime you focus on a minor character everyone instantly starts looking for clues that that person is the next cylon. It’s kind of annoying because you might actually enjoy the episode more if you’re not constantly waiting for some earth shattering revelation about the next cylon.

    Ah well, on to the next!

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