Shore Leave was awesome

Shore Leave is over…We had a great time there over the 2+ days. We met up with folks from and spoke with a bunch of other Sci-Fi fans.

And I am pleased to announce that we interviewed Aaron Douglas and we’ll be sharing that with you in our next podcast!

If you’re new to our podcast, we primarily cover Battlestar Galactica but during the off-season we’ve been branching out a bit. Our most recent podcast was recorded spontaneously in a pool hall, but for a better idea of our format just visit our Feedburner page or subscribe via the iTunes link at the right to view our archive.

We have forums and a voice mail if you’d like to join in on the discussion. (*Note that if you are listening to an archived show, that phone number is no longer active! The new phone number is 206-350-6756.) You can also reach us via email at Thanks for stopping by!

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