Galactica Quorum #72 – “Daybreak, Part 1”

The beginning of the end starts slowly in “Daybreak, Part 1.” Although we lament another episode treading familiar ground, we still remain faithful that the final two hours will deliver.

Did the flashbacks serve a purpose? And can they still wrap things up in time? Will some mysteries, like Starbuck’s past and the nature of the Head characters, remain unresolved?

The episode, written as a function:

function WTF() { for each chr in bsg {chr.flashback(angst);} WTF=fan.create(angst); }

The slighty sauced Quorum was Brian, Dimitry, Jen, Michele, and Ted.

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  1. I’m finding it very intertaining to listen to slightly inebriated people argue over what happens when you fall in a black hole 🙂 Oh and I won’t name names but some people pretty much sound like their usual selves drunk but some people are noticeably working a little harder to get the ideas out.

  2. Hmm, would that be me? I’ve come to realize I come across a bit more aggressive, louder and confrontational when I’m recording the podcast while drinking wine. 🙂


  3. Just to clarify. The 8 that gave Helo the massage said that she personally went and downloaded Athena`s memories. I don’t think the entire line has her memories.

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