Call in after the finale! LIVE! (Event complete)

(This event is over… thanks for all that participated! It was a great 2 hours!)

Want to sound off on the finale, LIVE? Here’s our Talkshoe line: 724-444-7444  Call ID: [event complete].

You don’t need a Talkshoe account to participate, just call in to that number. It’s a conference line, so callers can call and leave as they please.

It goes active TONIGHT @ 11:30pm EASTERN. That gives us a chance to dry our eyes, sober up, and record some thoughts onsite first.

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  1. I was very disappointed with the last 10 minutes. I do not believe that surviving humanity would leave all civilization which simply the clothes on their backs to break the human-cylon cycle when they had broken the cycle already in the aftermath of the final battle at the colony. By abandoning technology all together, the colonials unwittingly started the cycle all over again.

    Plus, the fate of Hera who didn’t live long as ‘Eve’, the amnesiac ‘angel’ Kara, Cavil and Anders both of whom inexplicably chose suicide is laughable. Also, we never found out who destroyed ‘cylon’ Earth. Those cylons were at peace.

    And what influence did the colonists have on humanity over 150K years? when did left on written record and chose to become cavemen and forget their technology, the past, and ultimately, their identities. Ironically, Ron Moore has made sure another Battlestar will be created for the millennial generation will start in 15 or 20 years to bring ‘resolution’.

    To an ending which makes no sense considering the sacrifice and unimaginable loss suffered by this human civilization. Their colonial suffering to be rewarded with short life as an earthly savage makes no sense. No sense at all.

  2. I was a little dissappointed in the last hour as well. I agree with the post above.

    It would have made more sense if the colonists simply admitted that their technology would be hard to maintain and replace over time with limited resources and people. It would simply crumble and be forgotten over time – instead of being purposefully given up.

    I still don’t understand how Hera was the “saviour of humanity”? Weren’t there 38,000 other humans who were able to reproduce on their own and/or interbreed with the locals (Neanderthals?). How, why did Hera end up being the mother of modern humans.

    I also think a lot of the final episode was a set up for other potential spin-offs in the future. Starbuck is a big part of that. She may still be a cylon, and the daughter of No. 7, who was the angel of death for the Cylon Earth and the angel of life for the humans. That story has yet to be fully explained…

  3. This is the season 4 finale? I think Sam Anders said it best (referring to the season 3 finale):

    “No, no, no, no. Not after all this. Not after the resistance, and the occupation, after watching my friends die one after another for fraking this!?”

    I feel Sam’s pain.

    The finale is proof positive that every TV show that becomes remotely popular with audiences gets ruined by the networks for commercial exploitation. KFC Frak Pack, anyone. The finale was written to satisfy the standard viewer with a high school or less educational level. Super Mario rescuing the princess?! I won’t bore with all the problems with the episode, but Cavil committing suicide really appalled me.

    I won’t be watching The Plan (written by calamity Jane, for Frak sake), or Caprica.

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