Galactica Quorum #81 – “Live from Dragon*Con 2009”

Here is our LIVE podcast from Dragon*Con 2009, with special guest Richard Hatch! We opine about the new BSG movie project and discuss what makes Battlestar Galactica appealing as a franchise. We ask what other viable BSG spinoffs there could be, and what fans would like to see in the Caprica series.

We had a great audience that brought terrific viewpoints to the discussion. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us!

Richard Hatch, Michele, Brian, and Dimitry


The Quorum consisted of Brian, Dimitry, Michele, special guest Richard Hatch, and many great folks from the audience.

Listen using the player below, or visit our Feedburner page.

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  1. Good show! I’m realizing I missing your podcast as much as I mis watching the show. I don’t agree so much with the people that say there’s a lot to mine in the show mainly because I think the way they chose to end it was like a scorched earth. What I really want to see from Caprica is some better explanation for Starbuck and the “god” guy. Like some discovery or creation of an entity that can do everything that the galactica “god” could do.

  2. Very cool. I was surprised by a few comments but it was very interesting to hear the different points of view, feelings on the movie etc.

    Richard Hatch was also great. Fantastic!

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