Geek Quorum – Rogue One

A long time ago… we recorded a podcast. It was epic. But like a satellite on the fringe of a black hole’s singularity, it never could escape that pull and go free into the universe. Fortunately, it didn’t get drawn into the maw, forever gone. Because now it’s here! Yes it’s more than two years old, but due to intense space/time dilation for those in the podcast it’s still January 2017.

In this lost episode we discuss Rogue One. As the first of the “Star Wars Stories”, did it skew too closely to the main Skywalker storyline?

We discuss the movie’s balance of satisfying battle scenes with disappointing characters, and how the reshoots might have shaped the overall story. We also consider whether the fully CGI characters were believable, and what the technology means for cinema going forward.

Finally, what type of Star Wars anthology movies would you like to see?

The non-CGI Quorum consisted of Brian, Byrne, and Michele.

Byrne’s blog post about Rogue One

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