Geek Quorum – Spider-Man: Far From Home

In Spider-Man: Far From Home, the teen webslinger must juggle his feelings for MJ while dealing with deadly Elementals and a hero from another reality–all while under the big shadow of Tony Stark’s legacy. In this podcast we look at how successfully the movie pulled all those elements together.

As the final movie of Marvel’s Phase 3, Far From Home had the duty of being the final note to a long cinematic story sequence, being an independent Spider-Man movie, and laying some groundwork for Phase 4. We discuss how it all fits together, especially the importance of the post-credit scenes.

While it’s fun speculating on Phase 4, the film also serves some meaty topics like Mysterio, Peter Parker’s latest suit, and how this incarnation of Spidey compares to previous ones.

The Quorum consisted of Brian and Byrne.

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